Who are we?

Yucatan Giving Outreach A. C. (YGO) is a registered not-for-profit foundation supplying essential  support for the Yucatan community.

Who are we?

Yucatan Giving Outreach A. C. (YGO) is a registered not-for profit foundation supplying essential support for the Yucatan community.

What we do?

YGO provides critical support services to orphanages, shelters for the elderly and women, soup kitchens
aiding children and additional rehabilitation centers in Merida and across the state of Yucatan.


food bags during COVID

Helping those most in need in our community

100 percent of humanitarian donations go to the people.

Fundraising efforts cover cost of second hand store and food bank

1,200 people in severe need

More than 20 different community programs

Our founder

YGO was founded in 2013 by Kimberly Davin DeGraff (Kimmy Suki). Through her passionate desire to help severely poor people in our community, Kimmy’s energetic passion and selfless dedication had driven YGO to become the focal point of community efforts. In her own words:

“Every day I wake up renewed to give back to the Yucatan and it is because of the daily messages I receive from people asking me how they can contribute, donate, volunteer and share love.

Thank you for that and don’t forget to “Be the branch to those in need!”

Our growth and legal registration was developed when Vice President Dave O. Dodge came on board and teamed up with Kimmy.

Under his leadership YGO’s growth came in many forms, his experience with fund raising enabled YGO to open a new second hand store, along with a food pantry in Merida. These will be self-sustaining and will provide a broader food relief in the Yucatan.

Dave also was instrumental in creating and branding “The Season of Sharing,” which is a series of fund raising events that benefit YGO programs. The proceeds provide much needed support for the entire. In his own words:

“Every day, everyone has an opportunity to do the right thing, to change someone’s life, to contribute
something. I personal believe we all has something to offer, finding your niche, your calling is a process. We
are very fortunate to have a variety of volunteers that each offer a special skill to better the lives of others.”

This dynamic duo has created awareness and support legally and responsibly as volunteers to the community. Their success is through communication and transparency.

Fundraising For The People And Causes You Care About!

YGO continues to grow and develop ties with government officials and community groups to aid in identifying needs. While developing support in many areas that have the greatest need.

Second Hand Store

The second hand store located in Itzimna, which also serves as our principle offices for receiving
donations of new and used items, which are put into the retail inventory for the store.

Graduation Program
The YGO Graduation Program is a special project, one which is designed to assist in diverting a possible homeless orphan from a life on the streets to a productive and happy life.
Food relief and the food bank
We currently support many shelters, soup kitchens and drug rehabilitation centers with food relief. Currently we have shelters that rely on us monthly to help stock their shelves so they can feed their charges.
Art Program
Currently, we are proud to say that we are providing Art programs6 facilities – (shelters and children’s food kitchens) in the Yucatan. One of the facilities is Caimede DIF which is the largest orphanage in the state of Yucatan.
Toys for Joy

Toys for Joy has provided over 700 Christmas gifts to 6 shelters and many individual families during the
holiday season. This is a yearly event which the community has rallied behind.

Hygiene bags

Yucatan Giving Outreach makes and distributes hygiene bags to those in dire need and in the case of
natural disasters. With these bags we are able to provide basic comforts to those affected by the disaster
or an emergency.