YGO Fundraising Partner Guidelines

Yucatan Giving Outreach A. C. (YGO) is a registered, not-for-profit foundation supplying essential support for the Yucatán community.  YGO provides critical support services to orphanages, shelters for the elderly and women, soup kitchens aiding children, and rehabilitation centers in Mérida and across the state of Yucatán. We also fund art and English programs and meet emergency needs throughout the community. As an organization, we rely entirely on the generosity of donors to fund the wide variety of initiatives we support and run. We have been very fortunate to have many partners over the years and look forward to partnering with you! Please carefully read the document below to understand what our partnership process entails and requires. Thank you!

Why does YGO have this document and process?

  • We are honored and excited that you want to partner with YGO in our fundraising efforts. These guidelines help us and you have a clear understanding of expectations and hoped-for outcomes. They also help us ensure that we are staying within our mission and vision parameters and remain legally compliant with our non-profit status.  We hope this document will:
    • Set a clear precedent and protocol for applicants
    • Help the Board filter potential fundraising opportunities
    • Keep us culturally sensitive
    • Ensure congruence with YGO Mission & Vision
    • Streamline the process  
    • Generate a clear understanding for our potential partnership

What is a YGO Fundraising Partner?

  • A partner is any individual or organization that would like to hold an event or lead an initiative to raise funds on behalf of YGO. We have many different kinds of partners. Sometimes, a local business wants to give a portion of their sales to YGO from a particular day (e.g. restaurant YGO benefit night). Sometimes an individual wants to host a party or event that is a fundraiser to benefit YGO. We are open to all sorts of ideas and love the community’s creativity.

How can I or my business become a YGO Fundraising Partner?

  • We ask that you fill out the form below and read through the outlined requirements. Then, the Fundraising Committee will process your application with the cooperation of the YGO board and let you know if this partnership is a good fit for the Foundation.

Application & Guidelines 

Please answer these questions to the fullest of your ability and email your responses to our committee chair, Patti Rogers pattiinmerida@hotmail.com.

  1.  Fundraising Partner activities must be congruent with YGO’s Mission & Values. Tell us about yourself or your organization and why you want to collaborate with YGO.
  2. Please tell us, in detail, about the event or initiative you are planning. What, when, where, with whom? 
  3. We want our partnerships to be mutually beneficial. What do you hope to gain in this collaboration?
  4. What will be the hoped-for benefit for YGO?
  5. What expectations do you have of YGO? (e.g. Funding, publicity, use of name/logo, promotion on social media, public recognition, planning etc.)
  6. Expenses are a part of fundraising. Please let us know what costs you/your organization will accrue in this fundraising effort and how you will account for them?
  7. Have you facilitated this type of fundraiser/initiative in the past? If not, why do you wish to do it now? If so, what was the result?
  8. What are the parameters that will determine your donation (e.g. % of sales, donations at the door, toy drive, ticket sales etc.)? 
  9. Are there any restrictions on the proposed gift/donations (to be used for certain programs etc.)?
  10. If physical items will be donated (e.g. clothing, food, books, toys, etc.), are the items to be given to someone in need? (We always try to respect the wishes to donate items to those in need, but due to limited storage, we reserve the right to sell the items at our YGO store to generate funds to meet immediate needs in the community if we must store the items.)
  11. Will you require a factura for your donation/gift?
  12. We respect our donors’ privacy and so we give the option to remain undisclosed in your donation. May we have your permission to thank you/your organization publicly? If so, please give us the name you would like us to use.
  13. If promotion of your business is requested, how and for what time frame would you like YGO to promote our partnership?
  14. Is this the first time you/your organization will be partnering with YGO?  (If yes, go to questions 18)
  15. If not, is it the same basic format/event/concept as last time? 
  16. Please describe the success of that event/initiative, 
  17. What, if anything, will you be doing differently this time? 
  18. Is there anything else you would like us to know?
  19. Who will be our primary contact person for this partnership? (Name, phone, email, English/Spanish spoken)

Thank you very much for your application, your generosity, and your collaborative efforts. Our Committee meets regularly and will be in touch with you shortly.

With gratitude, on behalf of the YGO Fundraising Committee, 

Patti Rogers

Patti Rogers, Fundraising Committee Chair

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This events are on hold due to COVID 19 restrictons