Message from the Founder

One day I woke up and found myself in charity. It started out as a favor to deliver some items left behind for a friend and his big move back to the states. What I found on those deliveries was the lack of the basic human needs. I also saw the loss of dignity that comes with not being able to eat, bathe, or have shoes. The impact caused me to reach out on Facebook and get involved. A few weeks in I found myself having coffee in front of a government official who educated me on laws, regulations and a list of reputable shelters to start with.

When donating, remember supplies are better than money and money is better than nothing. If you are not here feel free to PM me for details to send money to purchase supplies for a charity. Also, we have a drop off at my office located at Calle 33a #472c entre 52 y 54 Col Centro, Merida between 10-1 Monday thru Saturday. My office is called Dolorfin and easily found on FB and maps.

Every day I wake up renewed to give back to the Yucatan and it is because of the daily messages I receive from people asking me how they can contribute, donate, volunteer and share love. Thank you for that and don’t forget to Be The Branch to those in need.