Donate Now & Change A Life

Yucatan Giving Outreach A. C. (YGO) is a registered not-for-profit foundation supplying essential  support for the Yucatan community.

Calle 21 #96 local 1A x 18 y 20, Itzimná, 97100 Mérida, Yuc.


+52 (999) 518 0801

Fundraising For The People And Causes You Care About!

YGO provides critical support services to orphanages, shelters for the elderly and women, soup kitchens aiding children and additional rehabilitation centers in Merida and across the state of Yucatan.

How Could You Help?

Whether it is through financial donations, corporate sponsorships, clothing donations, delivering food essentials, or buying gifts for orphans at Christmas

Our Founder

Kimberly Davin-DeGraff

Kimberly Davin-DeGraff (Kimmy Suki) founded YGO in 2013. Through her passion and desire to help the severely poor and those in need in the community, with her energetic passion and selfless dedication, Kimmy has driven YGO to become the focal point of multiple efforts in many communities. As a leader Kimmy oversees all the volunteers and outreach programs on a daily basis.